ECO FEST is an annual event of the Department of Economics of American International University – Bangladesh (AIUB). The theme of this year’s program is ‘Socio Economic Changes in Bangladesh and Global Context’. This year’s activities are designed for the college students of Dhaka city along with different events are there for the students of AIUB. We would like to give exposure to the college students and encourage them to participate in extra-curricular activities which will help them to gain confidence after competing with other colleges and further that will help them to enrich their knowledge & skills.


This year the competition for college level students is going to be in three different categories. These are:

  • Quiz Contest
  • Poster Presentation
  • Debate

Guidelines for Quiz Contest (Group):

  • Each group will be consists of Two members.
  • This is going to be basic general knowledge which may include Sports, Bangladesh issues (Socio-economic and cultural), Recent International issues etc.
  • In total, there will be three rounds. After preliminary round, we are going have four (04) groups who will participate for semi-final round and followed by final round.
  • Preliminary Round is going to be in written format. However, in semi-final and final round, question will be displayed in the PowerPoint and participant will press buzzer to answer the question.
  • More information is going to be disseminating during the contest.
  • A certificate of appreciation will be given to each participant
  • Participant of the final round will be awarded as winner and runner-up.


Guidelines for Poster Presentation:

  • Each group will be consists of Four (04) members.
  • Students have to bring their poster which will be displayed in AIUB Multi-purpose Hall.
  • A panel of judges will evaluate the poster based on their presentation skills, organization of information and creativity.
  • The main theme of the poster presentation is ‘Socio Economic Changes in Bangladesh and Global Context’. Hence, students can prepared their poster any issues which support the Event Theme. However, students may consider the following topics as their reference.
  • Climate Change and Global Warming
  • Agricultural Change
  • Industrial Transformation
  • Transportation: Problems and Solution
  • Poverty
  • Population
  • Any other issues match with the theme
  • A certificate of appreciation will be given to each participant
  • Top Three groups will be awarded as Champion, First Runner-up and Second Runner-up.

Guidelines for Debate:

  • Each group will be consists of Three (03) members.
  • Debate will be held in Parliamentary format (Bangla).
  • Team Slot- 08 Teams