An award ceremony was held at American International University Bangladesh (AIUB) on April 19, 2017, to honor and recognize the students of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) who achieved an outstanding academic performance during the previous semester (Fall 2016). This was the second time such a ceremony was held at AIUB and in the academic history of higher education in Bangladesh, the first being held at AIUB for the Faculty of Business Administration.
At AIUB, the “Dean’s List” is awarded to those undergraduate students (BSS and BA) who have attained excellent GPA marks in a particular semester and furthermore, they fulfill some additional criteria, such as: obtaining a minimum grade point average of 3.75 during any regular semester, completing or earning a minimum of 24 credit hours with a minimum credit load of 15 to 24 credit hours during a semester, achieving a minimum GPA of 3.25 in any course during previous semesters, not obtaining F, W, UW or I in any course and not facing any disciplinary action for not complying with AIUB policy. The same criterion is applicable for the “Dean’s Honorable Mention” in the Graduate Program (MDS and MPH) with the exception of achieving a minimum GPA of 3.85 and undertaking 18 credit hours during the semester.
Adhering to these standards strictly and as per the policy set in the 88th Academic Council Meeting, a total of 10 students were awarded the “Dean’s List” and “Dean’s Honorable Mention”. From the “Deans List, there was one awardee each from the English and MMC program and four awardees each from the Economics and Law Program”. In addition, two candidates from the Public Health Program were awarded the “Dean’s Honorable Mention”. The students were extremely overwhelmed with this recognition from AIUB after a successful semester. The authorities & faculty members congratulated the awardees and expressed a fervent wish for continued and prolonged performance in the future. These awards should be able to inspire students to overcome challenges and accomplish their goals to the very best of their abilities. Once again, hearty congratulations to all the winners of the Dean’s List and Dean’s Honorable Mention.