Welcome to Economics DepartmentThe Department of Economics is an integral part of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) although, the Faculty of Business offers Economics both as minor and majoring the BBA program. The clamor for a full blown program or degree on Economics has always been echoed by the students in view of the increasing demand for professional economist needed in the various business and service sectors of the society.

Akin to the university’s slogan “where leaders are created” the primordial goal of the program is to produce future leaders of competent economists who are ready to compete and respond to the increasing requirement of the economic sector and the aspirations of the students.

The Bachelor of Social Science in Economics (BSS Economics) offers a background for careers in finance, banking, as an economist in a public or private organization, in International/UN agencies, multinational companies, industrial sectors, public service, planning commission and many others. The Economics as a discipline provides solid foundation for wide ranging opportunities in other multidisciplinary areas like business, law, journalism, engineering and even successful professionals and political leaders.